Jaguar XK 120 OTS

Jaguar XK 120 OTS 1952


  • Offered with incredibly comprehensive and detailed restoration file

  • Complete with tools, manuals, jack, spare, and all weather gear

  • A desirable and rare, very early steel bodied example finished in its original colors


Conceived and constructed in but a few months, the XK120 debuted at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show where the stunning-looking roadster caused a sensation, the resulting demand for what was then the world's fastest production car taking Jaguar by surprise. It was immediately obvious that the slow-to-produce alloy bodywork would have to go, and the car was swiftly re-engineered in steel. The work of Jaguar boss William Lyons himself and one of the most beautiful shapes ever to grace an automobile, the body was conceived as a coachbuilt aluminium structure for the simple reason that Jaguar expected to sell no more than 200 XK120s in the first year!
The car's heart was, of course, the fabulous XK engine, a 3.4-litre 'six' embodying the best of modern design, boasting twin overhead camshafts running in an aluminium-alloy cylinder head, seven main bearings and a maximum output of 160bhp. The XK120 set new standards of comfort, roadholding and performance for British sports cars and, in keeping with the Jaguar tradition, there was nothing to touch it at the price. Coupé and drophead coupé versions followed, and for customers that found the standard car too slow, there was the Special Equipment (SE) package, which boosted power to 180bhp. With either engine and regardless of the type of bodywork, the XK120 was a genuine 120mph car capable of sustained high-speed cruising.

According to the accompanying Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate, this delightful Jaguar XK120 left the assembly line on 12th August 1952 and was delivered to the distributor Besse & Co in Aden (Yemen) in September of the same year. Around 1970 it joined the Aalholm Museum's collection in Denmark with some 31,000 miles recorded, a total believed correct.
The last owner purchased the XK in 2012 and commissioned a comprehensive 'chassis off' restoration by specialists in Italy to the original specification as provided by the JDHT. The body was removed from the frame then sandblasted clean, rust proofed and repainted in the original colour, Suede Green. Any repairs were 'lead loaded' in the traditional manner. The front and rear axles were removed from the chassis, overhauled and reinstalled after the chassis had been repainted. At the same time the engine and gearbox (both matching numbers) were disassembled and overhauled. The only upgrade from the original specification was the use of higher-compression 8:1 pistons instead of the 7:1 type supplied to countries where fuel was of low quality. A stainless steel exhaust was fitted also. The interior has been re-trimmed in the matching original colour of Suede Green, while the wood trim has been renewed also. Other parts renewed include the chromework, stainless steel bumpers and the weather equipment including a new hood frame, side screens and tonneau cover in the original colour of French Grey.
The restoration was only finished earlier this year, since when the XK has successfully completed the prestigious 'Le Mitiche Sport a Bassano' three-day regularity event in Northern Italy followed home by, among others, a Jaguar D-Type. The car is offered with German registration documents, the aforementioned parts and a book containing more than 500 photographs documenting the restoration. Aero screens and the original 7:1 pistons are included in the sale also.

The current owner bought the car about five years ago and commissioned a conversion to spoked wheels and on his return to the sport set-up, he traveled about 1000km and was always parked in a heated garage following a periodic maintenance program.

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