Consulance of Restoration

The Giro Classico has over 40 years of experience in consulting and restoration of classic cars, with the Autofficina Giro (auto repair shop) has refined a practical art in treating and restorations of foreign and national cars (Maserati, Porsche, Citroen and Ferrari) starting from the research of original fittings to the execution of the integral restoration respecting the criteria and standards of that period.

Today the GiroClassico treasures its past experience and having a network of trusted craftsmen who can follow step by step every point of the restoration of your car avoiding worries and nasty surprises helping you in the research of making the correct choices.

Every good restoration starts from a deep initial research trying to discover the history of the car and the original fittings, then having identified with you the type of suitable restoration, after the car is entrusted to the various craftsmen passing from sheet metal to bodywork, mechanical, electrical system and upholstery, everything will be followed by us and photographically documented.

At the end of the restoration, the car will be run in and tested and will be delivered with a photographic book that certifies all the work carried out.

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