VW KubelWagen Typ82

VolksWagen KubelWagen Typ82


  • Freshly restored in 2017

  • Attractive color Gunship Grey for the Wehrmacht corps

  •  Perfect for memorabilia events

  • Designed by Ferdinand Porsche and Erwin Komenda


If one thinks “Porsche” the first images that come to mind are 356s scuttling up Alpine passes, or the very first 911. Not a military vehicle able to go anywhere, fording rivers on the Eastern Front in 1943, seems worlds away, even if it’s vw-based. This particular Vehicle was the Beetle cousin, called “KubelWagen”.

In January 1938 that high-ranking Third Reich army officials formally approached Porsche about designing an inexpensive, light-weight military transport vehicle, that could be operated reliably both on- and off-road, in even the most extreme conditions. This implied that the Beetle could provide the basis for such a vehicle.

The production of the Type 82 “KübelWagen” started in February 1940, as soon as the VW factories had become operational. No major changes took place before production ended in 1945, only small modifications were implemented, mostly eliminating unnecessary parts and reinforcing some, which had proved unequal to the task. Prototype versions were assembled with four-wheel-drive (Type 86) and different engines, but none offered a significant increase in performance or capability over the existing Type 82 and the designs were never implemented. As of March 1943, the car received a revised dash and the bigger 1,131 cc engine, developed for the “SchwimmWagen”, that produced more torque and power than the original 985 cc unit. When VolksWagen production ceased at the end of the war, 50,435 “KübelWagen” vehicles had been produced,[5] and the vehicle had proven itself to be surprisingly useful, reliable, and durable.

The motorcar offered, according with “Ambi-Budd Presswerk-Berlin” coachwork emblems, was produced in 1943.

The current owners purchase it in 2015 and commissioned a frame off restoration, during the two years of restoration the car was sandblasted and the body was removed from the chassis for make structurally adjustments.

All of inbodied brake steel cases was changed, for guarantee the perfect function of the original cable brake system.

All of body parts are rust-free, and perfectly aligned.

Front axle rebuild like the original adaptor, famous for overcome slopes at the limit of tipping.

The original two-piece engine was removed, through its rough life. The current engine, a D-series from the 60s, was totally rebuild to guarantee more power and more reliability.

Upholstery was re-made with the original fabric.

All the works are documented with a photographic dossier.

The recent restoration and the Italian registration, makes this “KubelWagen” a perfect object to conserve in any Porsche collection, worldwide.

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