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Volvo P1800S 1966

Volvo P1800S 1966

  • 1.8-liter, 115-hp four-cylinder engine

  • Four-speed manual transmission

  • Recipient of a cosmetic restoration

When introduced in 1961, the motoring press looked at the Volvo P1800 as a certain kind of “semi-sports car” that elicited praise from the motoring press, particularly from the purist wing. It was thought of as an elegant but “effete conveyance” until the car got the needed boost to over 100-hp and Car & Driver marveled that: “We can’t recall ever giving a car such a thrashing for an ordinary road test. We also can’t remember having so much sheer uninterrupted fun with an automobile.” They also conveyed that the seating is “almost therapeutic; your arms are nearly straight and you already feel like Ascari.”The Volvo P1800 was built from 1961 to 1973 and first became popular when it was featured as the main car driven by Roger Moore as Simon Templar in the hit television series ‘The Saint’ which aired from 1962 to 1969. In 1963 production was moved to Volvo's Lundby Plant in Gothenburg and the cars name was changed to 1800S, with the S standing for Sverige; Sweden in English.Made popular by Simon Templar as his car of choice during the running of the television show “The Saint,” this is a well-styled Volvo that came about because of Volvo’s desire to expand into the sports car market.

The car in question underwent a complete sandblasting and integral sheet metal, replacing many partand was repainted in its first original colour. All the steel parts have been polished while the iron parts have been re-chromed, the interior has been restored as if it had just left the factory as well as its completely overhauled electrical system. All the mechanical part has been overhauled like new to ensure perfect efficiency.

Like all our cars, the entire restoration process is documented by an invoice and a photographic book that documents all the processing steps. The car will be completed by spring 2024.

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