Mercedes 230SL W113

Mercedes 230SL W113 1964

• Complete cosmetic restoration in 2018
• One of the first delivery in EU market  
• Desirable color combination

• Factory hard-top

By 1955, Mercedes-Benz Technical Director Prof. Fritz Nallinger and his team held no illusions regarding the 190 SL's lack of performance, while the high price tag of the legendary 300 SL supercar kept it elusive for all but the most affluent buyers. Thus Mercedes-Benz started evolving the 190 SL on a new platform, model code W127, with a fuel-injected 2.2 liter M127 inline-six engine, internally denoted as 220SL. Encouraged by positive test results, Nallinger proposed that the 220SL be placed in the Mercedes-Benz program, with production commencing in July 1957.
So in 1960, Nallinger eventually proposed to develop a completely new 220SL design, based on the "fintail" W 111 sedan platform with its chassis shortened by 30 cm (11.8 in), and technology from the W 112. This led to the W 113 platform, with an improved fuel-injected 2.3 liter M127 inline-six engine and the distinctive "pagoda" hardtop roof, designated as 230 SL
The 230 SL made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1963, where Nallinger introduced it as follows: "It was our aim to create a very safe and fast sports car with high performance, which despite its sports characteristics, provides a very high degree of traveling comfort".
The car offered, one of the first about 5,000 produced, was produced on Julay 1964 and destined for the European market. Distributed with the color combination DB0463 Kupfer Metallic for body and MB Tex Kaviar DB2100 for interior.

This 230 SL was purchased by the current owner about 2017 under conditions of daily driving, the odometer read just over 121000km.

During the year of purchase was commissioned a total respry in more desiderabile Papyruswein DB 717 keeping the original immacolate interior in MB Tex Kaviar DB2100, thus creating one of the most desiderable color combination for this model, also the mechanical part has been overhauled to ensure perfect reliability, braking system, fuel system and cooling system.

Today after about four thousand kilometers the car is in excellent shape and ready to face new adventures with a very shiny bodywork and a loving patina given by its original interior, the car is equipped with hard-top matching color and Italian registration.



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