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Fiat Balilla 508S Berlinetta Aerodinamica 1936


Fiat Balilla 508S Berlinetta Aerodinamica 1936


• First 1000 Miglia of 1977 and 1000 Miglia Autumn 2020 completed
• The most famous and important Carrozerie Speciali Lingotto dasigned by the famed Mario Rivelli de Beaumont
• Fascinating known history of ownership from new

Fiat Balilla 508S was the proper competition car. It was originally built in two versions: the Coppa d'Oro and the lightweight Mille Miglia, both very fast cars for their engine size.
The 508 Balilla Mille Miglia Berlinetta was made in a few examples and it is probably the most attractive of the serie, seemingly Bugatti Atlantic.

This year the 1000Miglia was postponed in autumn precisely 22-25 of October,  our Fiat 508S Berlinetta Aerodinamica the perfect choice to face the unique 1000Miglia in Autumn as completed.

In according with a certificate of Reale Automobile Club d’ Italia this car is delivered from new in Modena at Mr. Berti in April of 1936.
Mr. Berti keeps the car until 1946 and in the following 40 years the car changes many owners (Carpi, Brescia, Verona) .

During the 1970 ownerschip  the car participated in various historical re-enactments including the first 1000 Migla of 1977 (available photograph documentation).
In the 1981 the car arrives at the last owner in Asti, where he makes a Asi certification n.301 and resprays the car.

​During 2018/2019 this car has been submitted a complete mechanical restoration, the front and rear axel removed and restored, the complete fuel line is new (fuel tank, fuel line and rebuild the original mechanical fuel pump), brakes system rebuild the gearbox and the engine (new piston and cylinders rebuild crankshaft and new cylinder head) all documented by photographic book.

​Today the 508S Berlinetta is in running condition with a lovely patina and with little changes done for a better drive condition,the engine number in the 108 CS block is not visible (due to repairs) but the date shown on the casting in the engine block is consistent with the production date of the original equipment engine, in addiction we makes internal modification to guaranteed more powerful and reliablelike an oversized crankshaft, and water pump,all this allows this splendid Berlinetta to easily exceed 130km/h.

The car is accompanied with the Italian registration, a file of the history from new, more original pictured comprensive of 1977MM partecipation and the Relazione Tecnica that confirm the state of the car, ACI/CSAI Certification, ASI Gold Plate,new FIVA and ASI A3 Passport and Registro Mille Miglia and a photographic book of mechanical restoration.
This car guarantees a perfect admission ticket for any classic car events including the Mille Miglia (1.60 coefficente)

For more information about this Fiat Balilla 508S for sale in Veneto, or to arrange an appointment, please contact.
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Restoration Process

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