Ferrari 208 GTB 1980

Ferrari 208 GTB 1980

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The 308's and 208’s it’s the masterpiece of Ferrari , the real first production series car. The body was designed by Pininfarina's Leonardo Fioravanti, who had been responsible for some of Ferrari's most celebrated shapes to date such as the Daytona, the Dino and the Berlinetta Boxer. The 308 and 208 used elements of these shapes to create something very much in contrast with the angular Bertone-designed GT4. GTS models featured a removable roof panel with grained satin black finish, which could be stowed in a vinyl cover behind the seats when not in use.

The 308 and 208 had a tube frame with separate body. The 208 GTB/GTS and GT4 were mechanically similar, and also shared much with the original Dino. Both 208s sit on the same tube platform, however the GT4—being a 2+2—has a longer wheelbase.

The engine that equipped the 208, derived from that of the Dino 208 GT4, was designed to adequately address the oil crisis of the 1970/80 decade, consuming and polluting less than the 3 000 cm³ version; as well as the Italian financial recession of those same years, avoiding the heavy taxation on engines of over 2 000 cm³.The same strategy was also adopted by Lamborghini and Maserati, with car models specific to that situation


The motorcar offered it’s delivery from new 18 July of 1980 by Ferrari dealer in Milano M.G, Crepaldi.

This car covered approximately 60’000km before being found covered in a garage near Modena by current owners, to looking the car are in very good and preserved condition but needed a complete service.

The GiroClassico has provided to make all test and organize a complete rebuild for break system, a complete rebuild for cooling system , complete belt service and complete service for carburetor system .

Subsequently the body was painted where necessary in it’s originally Rosso Corsa.

Today next only 2000km after service this car it’s ready for the sale in immaculate condition , accompany the car the originally service book and the original tools kit.


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