Devin SS Monza 1958

Devin SS Monza 1958

• One on the less 20 surviving Irish tubular chassis
• Actrative body type Monza K size
• Fresh restoration during 5 years completed in 2017
• High power guaranteed over 300bhp

In 1957, Bill Devin, a pioneer of the West Coast sports car movement, began producing what is generally considered his finest work, the model SS, or Super Sport. The cars were built on an imported chassis mated to a small-block Chevrolet engine, with four-wheel disc brakes and a purpose-built fiberglass body. Weighing less than 2,000 lbs, the new cars were fast and nimble, clocking 0–60 times in 4.8 seconds (0–100 mph in 12.9).
Chassis number SSM-3 is the first generation of Irish chassis SS cars. It was built in the fall of 1958 and was used in American SCCA, unfortunately, the American period of the car is not known.
In 2002, he sold the car to its current owner and come in Italy, it’s was subject a total frame off restoration.
The fiberglass body removed to chassis and adjusting with big process of fiberglass in the fender, the chasiss sand blasted and reworked the welds.
All mechanical component is disassembled and rebuild like new to guaranteed the perfect functions, the engine it’s a correct GM 283 for the era and the gearbox is a rare BW T10 alloy chase .
The process of restoration during five years and it’ completed in 2017 all documented by photographic book.
The current owners registered the car in EU area and drove it’s with success in La Leggenda di Bassano 2017 (it’s Barchetta and etceterini meeting in north east of Italy) and Vernasca
Silver Flag 2018 (famous uphill race in Piacenza) and this year at Salita del Costo and Gran Premio Nuvolari , each of these events successfully completed.

Now this beautiful and performing Barchetta is presented in the original colors of American racing team and is available for sale ensuring almost certain admission to the major car meetings, accompany the car the Italian registration ACI/CSAI certification the photographic book of restoration, the original carburetor and water pump.
Tubular chassis 3", 300 bhp, 283 cu in Corvette OHV V-8 engine original carburetor available but installed Holley 4-barrel 750cfm, four-speed manual transmission BW T10 alloy chase , independent coil spring front suspension, De Dion rear axle with coil springs, and four-wheel Girling disc brakes rear and monofusione Campagnolo in front . Wheelbase: 92"

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