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BMW 3.0 CS 1972

BMW 3.0 CS 1972

  • Delivered new to Italy

  • Finished in Malaga over a beige interior

  • 3.0-liter straight-six cylinder engine matching numbers

  • Equipped with the highly desirable five-speed manual transmission and original A/C      

This is an iconic BMW coupe with a matching numbers engine. Known to the initiated by its factory nomenclature of E9, the BMW 3.0 CS Coupe was a Karmann-built two-door based on the New Class 2000CS. Enlarged to accommodate the M30 engine from the E3 sedan, it appeared first in 2.8-liter guise. In 1971, two new versions were introduced, largely based on the same bodywork. The 3.0 CS and the fuel-injected 3.0 CSi would help BMW win numerous European Touring Car Championships.

According to the BMW Certificate that accompanies the car, this BMW was originally delivered to  Italy on 14-06-1972, finished in the attractive color Malaga 021. It was found in north Italy in a barn in original, untouched condition, right down to its tires. Recently, this rare and desirable 3.0 CS was subject a total restoration.

In accordance with the ACI inspection, this car had a known and continuous history starting from the province of Venice and then arriving in the province of Vicenza in 1973 where it is now, recording just under seven changes of ownership

The car in question underwent a complete sandblasting and integral sheet metal, replacing many parts (weak point of the preserved E9s) and was repainted in its first original colour Malaga 021. All the steel parts have been polished while the iron parts have been re-chromed, the interior has been restored as if it had just left the factory two-tone black with sand fabric inserts, keeping its original black panels, all the wooden parts have been restored, as well as its completely overhauled electrical system. All the mechanical part has been overhauled like new to ensure perfect efficiency.

Like all our cars, the entire restoration process is documented by an invoice and a photographic book that documents all the processing steps. The car will be completed by autumn 2023.

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